Mekakushi Dan
Dai Number Nana (seven)
Kisaragi Shintarou

Kisaragi Shintaro || Mekakucity Actors ep 1


your eyes are an o cean but theyre closed rn so i’ll feel it in ya mouth instead

匿名 said: who is this terra you speak of i am merely expressing my thoughts on how very kawaii you are

ok but let me tell you this:

terra is the only one that would say something like that. therefore, you are terra and that fact cannot be challenged otherwise.

匿名 said: because you are hella cute

terra get out

匿名 said: hey are you from kawaii land?


I asked for forkballs, but you couldn’t relax, and your fastballs are only getting higher. Even if you keep throwing, you’ll only drag the team down. Now hurry up and get off the mound. - Miyuki to Furuya, Ace of Diamond Episode 27 


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